University of Virginia Preparing for Business and Industry Building a Better World

GSCB is a graduate student run organization dedicated to educating graduate students and post-docs at the University of Virginia about the consulting industry and other non-academia paths and helping them with succeeding in their career pursuits.

The objective of the club is to provide its members with opportunities to explore other career options beyond academia, primarily focusing on the consulting industry but also including financial services, science policy, and patent law. The club organizes various networking events to enable students to interact with industry professionals in an informal atmosphere. We facilitate networking with other club members with similar interests, as well as with recruiters and alumni. This enables students to better understand the industries and develop the network necessary for landing the job they want.

Additionally, the club educates its members about the skills required to succeed in the recruiting and interview process. The club provides case interview practice materials and coordinates practice groups to help members prepare for the interviews. The club hosts an annual business case competition where students work on real-life cases competing with teams from U.Va. and other universities and being evaluated by industry representatives.

The club also provides its members with social and professional opportunities to work pro bono with local companies on solving their business problems. This helps our members to polish their “hard” and “soft” skills before they embark on doing commercial work in the industry.